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Selling JBER Real Estate

You need someone with experience and marketing skills and someone who is already working with buyers looking for a home near Elmendorf or Ft. Richardson, Wasilla, Eagle River or Anchorage. Perhaps a home just like yours. 

I retired from Ft. Richardson and live in Wasilla so I have extensive knowledge of Eagle River, Palmer, JBER and the Anchorage area. I know the latest trends in the Real Estate market and how to best market your home for these conditions. I also know some great places to fish in Alaska - just call.

Lastly, I have a team of professionals ready to get to work once a buyer is found. They ensure a quick and accurate appraisal, the best VA mortgage service, guarantee title, home inspections, and close your transaction on time so you can PCS and concentrate on settling your family at your new duty station.

Here are some tips for sellers

One of the most important aspects of selling JBER housing is making sure it is ready to show potential buyers. This means putting in a little bit of elbow grease and take care details such as cleaning the carpet, mowing the lawn, making the beds, etc.

You may also want to repair any broken or unsightly fixtures like a broken knob, squeaky door, or a fresh coat of paint.

These steps help the potentials buyers to see themselves in your home and feel good about making an offer.