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PCSing From Alaska?

PCSing From Alaska

PCSing is an inevitable part of life in the military, when it’s time to leave Alaska you will want someone who you can trust and help you get settled into a new home as soon as possible making your transition smooth, efficient, and hopefully less stressful.

If you are transitioning to Tyndall AFB or the Florida panhandle contact Ken Varnes. Ken is retired Air Force and is dedicated to helping you take the stress out of your PCS.

In order to maintain a smooth PCS period, here a few tips to keep you organized.

-Create a calendar with your moving dates, checklists, and critical moving process information.
Remember to ask questions when you have them! Your Transportation Office or Personal Property Shipping Office are great resources.
-Be sure to start the moving process as soon as you get your orders and moving dates. Also, remember that the sooner you request your pickup and delivery date the more likely you will be able to lock in your preferred moving dates. Your dates will not be confirmed until you can secure the dates with your moving company as well.
Try to have good estimate of your personal property weight balance. You can quickly calculate approximately 1,000 lbs per rooms, but it is better to make a more accurate estimate. Remember you can request a reweigh of your personal possessions at no extra cost.
-Work closely with your moving company in order to manage your belongings and arrange direct delivery, keep your moving company’s contact info with you.