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Fort Richardson Housing

Fort Richardson Housing

You have multiple options when it comes to housing. Whether it’s Fort Richardson Post Housing or Off Post Housing. Subject to availability you may live on post, and you can also qualify to rent or purchase Fort Richardson real estate.

Your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) can be used for Fort Richardson On Post rentals through Aurora property management, or you can also live off post. If you qualify, you can rent or purchase your own home off post, whatever suits your needs. You can click here for current BAH rates at Ft. Richardson

Fort Richardson Housing (Rent On-Post)
If you prefer to rent Fort RIchardson on post housing, contact the Ft. Rich office at (907)384-3088 or 384-0455. Please contact them as soon as you receive PCS orders. Keep in mind you may experience a wait for renting on post housing.

Fort Richardson Off Post Rentals & Apartments
If you are interested in renting or purchasing Fort Richardson off post real estate, Anchorage, Eagle River, and “the Valley” (Wasilla & Palmer) off many suitable options for you or your family. You can contact Steve at (907) 357-7653 or Email Steve@FtRich.com for off post rental information.

Purchasing a Home
Buying your own home is truly a great opportunity if you want to maximize your tax-free BAH. You can choose how to spend your BAH, tax-free money that you receive from the military for your housing needs. Using your BAH to purchase Fort Richardson housing real estate allows you to deduct part of your mortgage that goes to interest.

If you chose to sell your home during your PCS this proves to be convenient to you and your family as well. During your time living at Fort Richardson, your home will have appreciated, so depending on the time that you owned your home, you could receive profit from the sale.

Last but not least, you can decide where you want to live with your family instead of being assigned quarters!

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