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Buying JBER Real Estate

Choosing your real estate professional can mean the difference between finding the perfect home with a mortgage you can live with or a terrible experience and moving into a house not right for your family.

So why choose me?

You are my Priority! I retired from the military in 2003 so I know what a PCS is and can relate to the stress and anxiety that comes with those orders. When you arrive on your house hunting TDY you need someone who will devote time to your needs. You need advice on the area, schools, housing market, financing, and the experience to negotiate for the best deal and you need it ASAP! You need someone with experience and marketing skills and someone who is already working with buyers looking for a home near Elmendorf or Ft. Richardson, Wasilla, Eagle River or Anchorage. Perhaps a home just like yours.

Second, I am a Realtor, which means I have more than a license to sell real estate. Being a Realtor means I am a member of the National Association of Realtors, and have pledged myself to their strict code of ethics. The NAR requires continuing education classes in Ethics, Contract and License Law, Risk Management and more.

I have completed the requirements, both experience and training, necessary to become an Associate Broker in Alaska. I have also completed the Graduate of Real Estate Institute (GRI). An in-depth course on financing, real estate as an investment, marketing, appraisals and inspections designed to help the unique requirements of buyers and sellers.

I work closely with a team of dedicated professionals who work to get you the best financing, thorough home inspections, accurate appraisal, and close your transaction on time with guaranteed title.

Here are a few tips for first time buyers.

It is important to become familiar with the financing basics before you begin the home buying process. You can do a some research online or make a couple phone calls to local banks or lenders with questions you may have.

Before you begin to shop for JBER housing it is also important to get pre-approved for a loan. This step takes little time and helps you get to know the price range that fits your needs.

You’ll want to keep your debt minimal when buying a home. So prior to purchasing your Elmendorf or Fort Richardson housing try not make any major purchase and pay down your credit cards as much as possible.

The JBER real estate industry can be fast paced, so try to be flexible and have quick access with your real estate agent.

Before you make an offer on your home work with your realtor to make a list of must haves and deal breakers, these could include commute, amenities, size, etc. that fit into your budget.
Once you find a home that fits your needs work with your real estate agent to make a strong offer. Take into consideration factors such as days on the market, the condition of the home, neighborhood value, etc.

A strong offer usually includes a considerable deposit and fewer contingencies. Be sure to hire an inspector to ensure the home is up to standards before closing.