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Arriving at Elmendorf

Arrival and In-Processing at Elmendorf

The Arctic Warrior Orientation Center (AWOC) is your one-stop location for all your in-processing needs. This facility sets the benchmark for the rest of the Air Force, allowing you to in-process in just five days. If you are arriving to Anchorage by plane, let your sponsor know beforehand, so he or she can meet you at the airport. If you are driving, contact your sponsor immediately upon your arrival, so they can assist you getting settled. Married personnel will be assigned temporary lodging but you will need a reservation. Advance reservations are highly recommended. Unaccompanied and single members, E-4 and below, will normally reside in the dormitory.

After your arrival on base, report to your Commanders Support Staff (CSS) as soon as possible. Your unit will then schedule you for in-processing at the orientation center. The Arctic Warrior Orientation Center (AWOC) is located at 7135 Fighter Drive, which is in the same building as the North Star Inn (Billeting (907) 552-2454) . The AWOC hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 0700 to 1600. Your first day at the AWOC will start promptly at 0715, be in duty uniform and bring 15 copies of your orders/amendments and out-processing package from your previous base. The orientation center will focus on helping you resolve those transitional challenges of pay, housing, household goods, vehicle shipment, and other family matters associated with getting settled at Elmendorf. If you intend to buy a house in Anchorage, Eagle River, or the Wasilla area contact (907) 357-7653.
If you have any questions or encounter any problems during your in-processing, please contact the AWOC at (907) 552-6619. For assistance after duty hours, call the 24-hour arrival point at (907) 552-2454.

The FTAC was created to assist first duty station airmen through the transition from technical and basic military training to a mission-orientated environment. If you are a newly assigned first duty station airmen, expect to be assigned to the FTAC (7153 Fighter Drive) after you complete inprocessing. The program is a nine-day course, which offers mission briefings, personal and professional development instruction, and orientation tours. First duty station airmen reporting to Elmendorf AFB should follow the signing in and base in-processing procedures listed under INPROCESSING . Once you've signed in and completed inprocessing, AWOC personnel will direct you to the FTAC, located in the same facility. Airmen reporting to the FTAC should report in the battle dress uniform. All uniform combinations are required including service dress uniform while assigned to the FTAC. By providing personal and professional development orientations and briefings, the FTAC provides a unique opportunity to create an environment for airmen to develop a warrior spirit and expeditionary mindset. For additional information, call the FTAC at (907) 552-8679 or DSN (317) 552-8679.